Since its founding in 1991, PYA has quietly grown into one of North America's most influential and successful fashion houses. Under the energetic leadership of creative director Patrick Assaraf, PYA owns a variety of leading fashion labels, which can be found at more than 1500 specialty stores and nearly every major department store across North America.

PYA got its start importing international clothing brands such as C17  - a high-end denim line that revolutionized the way Canadians shopped for jeans, Mondo Di Marco - an Italian men's sportswear label, and the Dutch line 4You which, under Assaraf's leadership, grew from $8 million to $80 million in annual sales. 

In 2004, the company officially shifted its strategy by acquiring brands like Line, a popular women's knitwear label specializing in custom yarn blends, and Toscano, a men's luxury collection distinguished by its clean lines, elegant color palette and exceptional materials.   His newest brand, Patrick Assaraf, a line of luxury basics from cashmere knits to Peruvian cotton stretch T-shirts, is designed by Assaraf himself.

Over the course of this transition, PYA has remained committed to its best selling imported brands, and continues to distribute them across Canada.

Though PYA's brand portfolio is diverse, every label fits into a very  specific vision, offering consumers style, quality and unparalleled value. The company continues to evolve every day from its simple roots,  but with each new challenge or opportunity, Assaraf's mantra has remained unchanged - perfection.